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Forex Growth Bot Advanced Edition

Have you tried Forex Growth Bot Basic Edition and wondering if you should go for the Advanced Edition?

Many individuals have requested me for a review on the Forex Growth Bot program itself. I personally have used it out almost a year and by far, I like this robot more than several others that I have tried. This Growth Bot is fundamentally a trend EA (Expert Advisor). It is advised by the creator to run on EURUSD M15 and so it may be a bit limited if you are more enthusiastic to trade other currency pairs. However, I am happy with this currency pair.

Customers have also requested me regarding the strategy that Forex Growth Bot employs but like many other forex software, there’s no description in the manual making this only my guess. The entry of any trade is based mostly on the volatility signal running with two different time periods. This indicator which reveals volatility will figure out when a trend is regarded as to have began and the bot will then move forward to open up a position. If it is observed that the marketplace is proceeding in opposition to the trend, the position will be quickly closed with an typical loss of thirty pips. The robot will hang on for yet another occasion with good potential profit.

However, if the market moves in the correct path and help make revenue, more positions will be added. The new positions can be increased up to 5x the initial sum. Obviously in truth, markets can easily retrace and the positions will not always run their course. But whenever they do trend as predicted, they can provide a lot of worthwhile trades.

When I initially checked at the win ratio overall, I was not satisfied being no more than 40%, but I found that this is more than compensated by the simple fact that the typical profit trade is more than two times larger than the average loss. It’s typical of what you would want a trend-following bot to do.

The amount of trades opened up usually would be an average of 8 to 10 trades per 1 week. But it is typical for variances based on the market. On a few days, you may up to five trades and on others you get absolutely no trades. According to the developer, this is not intended to be a frequent trading bot.  The common length of the trades is about twelve hours so most will be closed down within a day. That being said, there are some trades that extend to over a few days.

In this situation, the opening positions are not limited to any particular trading session. Trades can be opened throughout the day and night as and when the EA finds that the trading conditions are met.

The Expert advisor opens and closes its positions at the start of each bar and doesn’t send out a stoploss and take profit goal with the purchase. This is to prevent a broker who is out to get you from doing so. I personally find this an advantage. But , if you have complications with your web connection, you may have a difficulty. A virtual private server may help in this situation but you require a reliable one.

As for configuration and options, the Forex Growth Bot basic version does not have all the colorful configurations that a few bots boast of. This basic edition lets you set the lot size manually and there are also parameters for managing the volatility configurations.

If you are the sort who might like to carry out more configurations on your own manually, then you ought to acquire the Forex Growth Bot advanced edition. This edition gives you more possibilities for settings such as Wave Trailing which is a form of trailing stop and more volatility settings. The advanced version also has a reinvest capital option. This is an superior form of money management where you can increase your sizes for each particular quantity of earnings.

For me the Wave Trailing parameter offered by the Forex Growth Bot advanced edition, is beneficial. I can see that in my tests, it has been able to improve a bit on the profit as compared to using the basic version. When this function of Wave Trailing is enabled, you can easily see that trades that are successful will be permitted to run for a longer time and consequently able to obtain more gain . However some traders did discover that there is a larger drawdown risk.

With regards to lot sizings, the software allows you set the quantity of lots by hand. It is proposed that you make use of 0.01 lots for account balances lower than $250 and 0.1 lots for balances over $2000 which appears acceptable. On the other hand, this may depend upon your own tolerance.

In terms of currency pairs, the system advises operating only on EURUSD M15, but I have attempted others and it could be runed also. I think you would likely get the best outcomes will be with the one proposed.

All round, this Forex Growth Bot is in my personal view one of the better trend fx bots despite the fact that in the basic version there may be a lacking of some capabilities. The cost is worthwhile and is a single time payment. If you would like to trade with this robot, it is more than worth it to obtain the Forex Growth Bot Advanced Edition which is available for $73.99. The basic version is enough to start trading and all the other additions are not compulsory for the trading program to effectively function but still I really feel the advanced edition will be worth buying.

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Pricing And Commission Information

Forex Growth Bot Basic Edition – $99
Forex Growth Bot Advanced Edition – $73.99
Forex Growth Bot Power Source Edition – $84.99
Forex Growth Bot Advanced Support & Optimization – $49 per month