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Does Forex Growth Bot Really Work Well?

Forex robots like Forex Growth Bot have become a hot trend in forex trading. For a long time, I was sure that forex robots won’t work as I had spent years learning how to plot my charts and analyzing them. I wasn’t going to accept that a piece of software could do the work better than me in an instant. But my trader friend showed me that forex bots in fact can help us to earn a lot of money and I began to realize why they are so attractive. I want automation too if it can free me from sitting long hours at my PC.

Forex bots differ ane from another with some being just scams but others are jewels. Forex Growth Bot is a forex system that is not one that that you can often find. The developer is in fact very intelligent. It has been very well received by forex traders so far. My initially trades were slow but they produced satisfactory results at the end of the month.

All of the forex bots available in the market claim to be able to analyze historical data to determine when it is profitable to trade.It is like when I was analyzing by hand by hand except that using a forex bot is easy and eliminates the need for long hours of scrutinizing charts. In the end, what makes a bot better than the rest, comes down to what has gone into their programming.

To know whether a forex bot is going to be good, we need to know more about the creator and whether he has extensive live experience in forex trading and has a good team of programmers. Forex Growth Bot is developed by a Russian mathematician who impressed me as being highly intelligent and determined to produce a profitable forex bot.Forex Growth Bot has sold like hot cakes since its launch. The software sells for a very reasonable price for a quality bot like this.

After using the bot for a few months, I have made profit on my own account. I have been seeing an impressive 75% of profitable trades. This is probably due to the bot’s ability to exit quickly when support levels are breached.

You don’t have todo trading with your own money in the beginning. Just use paper trades. Take time to familiarize yourself with the forex bot and don’t rush in but to trade with your money until you are more confident with the system.

If you want to know whether Forex Growth Bot works or not, test it out for a while. Any forex bot will not win all the time and as long as it consistently wins, you might be surprised by the results.

So from my own testing in the last 2 months, Forex Growth Bot works for me and I will continue to use it to create profits for me.

Check out for yourself if Forex Growth Bot works.

Million Dollar Pips Top Selling Forex Bot

Million Dollar Pips looks set to be a best selling forex bot. I got a recommendation from a trader friend that it is an interesting “super scalper” that trades frequently and has very fine risk management. So I was curious enough to try it out since I had been trading with Forex Growth Bot which is developed by the same group. So far I am quite impressed. The creator seems very professional and support is good.

$250 to $1,295,161.50 in 1 year Never Risking More Than 2.5% Of Account Equity

So what exactly is Million Dollar Pips? It is an automated forex system that uses a forex trading bot that has a safe yet quick scalping attribute. It uses good risk management strategies and complies with NFA.

At one time, I used to be skeptical on forex automation. But automation is practical as it saves time and enables the trader freedom away from the PC.  Also, during trading we are often affected by our human emotional baggage when making decisions.  Even the most seasoned of traders are not free from letting their powerful emotions participate in their decision making. With bots like Million Dollar Pips you needn’t go through all the mental stress.

The sales page of the Million Dollar Pips looks a bit spammy in my opinion. “You see how a Forex robot skyrocketed somebody’s profits to more than two million while he did nothing??

I usually don’t like such products when I see such hype in sales pages.  I tend to get cynical. But fortunately, I wasn’t totally put off. I tried talking to the people powering the Million Dollar Pips bot and I changed my mind about the bot after some long conversations with them. They made a fine impression on me. I understood more about this forex bot and felt it was a good strategy that they were building on. Although the figures that they give appear to be a bit spammy but as they are making use of myfxbook to verify several of their results, it shows that they are not scams but people who stand behind their product or service.

In the two months that I have used this Million Dollar Pips, it has traded around 1000 trades and has a win rate of around 70% which is much better than the last forex bot that I tried. It aspires to make many small successful trades. For me, in the first 30 days, it won a normal 2.5 pips per win.

For this million dollar pips system, it is most important to have the right broker. It can easily make a big difference. With this being a super scalper with high frequency of deals, it is prudent to get yourself a broker with an excellent spread. You could also try out one with a kickback.

As for the currency pairs, I am quite satisfied with the eur/usd, gbp/usd, and the usd/jpy pairs that I tried using.

So for me personally, I am glad to say that this Million Dollar Pips robot actually works. Don’t forget to look for a broker with low spread as it can make a considerable difference. The support here is quick, startup is easy. As soon as you get access to Million Dollar Pips software, you will be able to install it and set up the software using the simple step by step guidelines.

You can limit the lowest and highest volume level for trading and even setup your personal risk level. Furthermore, you can arrange its trading level as well. With the Million Dollar Pips doing all the work for you, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong trades at the wrong time and have to sit in front of your computer all the time. You can literally just walk away and do what you want to do.

Well, all investments and in particular with forex, there is some form of risk. With the Million Dollar Pips, that risk percentage is less than 7%. And the best part about the Million Dollar Pips is that it really doesn’t take that much money to start using it to trade. The package itself is just $99, and with a $250 investment.

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Forex Growth Bot Unlike Other Bots I Have Used

Forex Growth Bot is a new bot which has hit the market without the typical hype however it has become my own income generating bot.

Forex Growth Bot is not much like the other bots that I currently have tried out. It really is basically an organized forex investment strategy and trading program built into one. The claim with the creator, Eugene Lipinsky is that it assists minimize potential risk while creating considerable earnings over time for absolutely anyone on any spending budget. I was fairly cynical that such statements could be possible seeing so many miserable bots which have passed the market. I imagined Forex Growth Bot was just like the others that I have tried out.

In fx trading, if you have a reliable strategy that you could use effectively to earnings, then you would have a cash cow.. Knowing we could possibly pump hard cash into our own accounts, and initiate the strategy at any time we wish, would be quite thrilling and the ROI would fly through the roof. It would virtually be like your big hit. I can see everybody fill with exhilaration already. I felt like that when I studied my friend’s results the first time.

Would this system become ineffective with this software being used by many people, just like for many other techniques? Would these new users eventually affect the special effects of the bot and the strategy? Any system would theoretically be less effective if a few thousand or tens of thousand people use the same strategy but in reality despite the benefits of the system, most people will not believe it and for those who actually buy it, many will also eventually not put the system to use. That is why it is only a few who use it and benefit from it. So at the end of the day, only a handful will be left using the system.

But the truth is, as I have found out, this system does provides an overall trend of using the software with minimal losses followed by some big periodic gains. You can see this in the statistics given in the sales page itself where there were many small losses followed by bigger gains.

That flies in direct contrast to the experience of most traders who often experience a decent number of gains but get hit with huge losses offsetting all the gains, and leaving them with generally with overall losses in their trading accounts.

So, why is Forex Growth so consistently producing good results?

There is no one element of the basic strategy the Forex Growth Bot that is specifically responsible for the overall positive results. It is more the combination of a sophisticated algorithm covering stop loss, information protection mechanisms, and capital management that has been specifically designed to ensure minimal risk and consistent return.

The one particular point that stands out is that the program is able to manage the maximum loss so that to a large extent, the risk is reduced. I suppose that is why the Forex Growth Bot is indeed refreshing. I had been becoming fed up with other bots which at first give me many small gains only to have me losing my account with sudden big losses which my account couldn’t take.

Thus if you are wondering if Forex Growth Bot will perform for you, the only way is you have to test it out yourself. Forex, being what it is, is not an easy market to trade and it can be extremely volatile and you are always taking a risk with your trades. But many people have got success with this bot, at least far more than other bot that I have tried. Profits may not be huge but they are consistent.

For me personally, I’m pleased I did experiment with this Forex Growth Bot as it has performed well for me. The truth is, it has made probably the most for me even in just a few months.You should evaluate it since it is risk-free and see if it provides the kind of sustained growth you are looking for in your Forex trading accounts. Give it a shot. I have revealed it to many of my close friends and it is the only bot so far where they are all pleased with the overall outcomes.

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