Million Dollar Pips Review

When choosing the best forex system for you, there are various factors to consider. Forex trading is complicated and requires a lot of time if you wish to analyze all the market data. But now there is forex software that can help to aid in analyzing the market. Forex software can now be use to automate actual trading activity. If you are still trading manually without any software to aid you, it is time to automate by getting a good forex software to save time and make more money.

To determine the best trading software for you, you need to seriously consider your individual requirements. Get what you need. Many forex software program will assist you with charting and maintaining buying and selling records. But you may have specific specifications centered on your specific strategy or method that you need the forex software program to provide you.

Million Dollar Pips is a forex program that I have tried. I was asked by my friend, a successful forex trader to try this out as it is a fantastic scalper that is quick and offers very excellent risk management built in. I decided to test it out especially since the creator seems very impressive and this is definitely not a scam.

Basically, the Million Dollar Pips is an automated Forex trading robot that utilizes a safe and unique scalping strategy. It uses good risk management strategies. It complies with NFA.

I was old school and didn’t believe in Forex Robots or forex automation software before. But automation is practical as it saves time and it does get affected by human emotions. All traders get affected by emotions even the most seasoned ones.. With bots like Million Dollar Pips you needn?t go through all the emotional stress.

The sales page of the Million Dollar Pips looks a like a lot of hype to me. ?You see how a shockingly accurate Forex robot skyrocketed someone?s earnings to over 2 million while he did nothing?? And if you ever had put $250 into an account 1 year ago using the Million Dollar Pips , then you might have a $1,295,161.50 after you check your account now.?

Normally, that puts me of. But luckily, I wasn’t totally put off. I tried talking to the people behind the Million Dollar Pips bot and I changed my mind about the bot. They made a good impression on me. I understood more about this bot and felt it was a great strategy that they were building on. Although the figures that they give seem a bit spammy but because they are using myfxbook to prove some of their results, it shows that they are not scams but people who stand behind the product.

As for my experience since I test the Million Dollar Pips system out, it has been impressive. I have been able to get wins of 65 to 75%. It aims to get just a small amount of pips. Usually it scores an average 2.5 pips per win and loss is about 3 pips.

For this million dollar pips system, it is most important to get the right broker. It can make a big difference. With this being a super scalper with high frequency of trades, it is prudent to find a broker with a good spread. You could even try one with a rebate.

I tried various currency pairs such as eur/usd, gbp/usd, and usd/jpy and they turned out fine.

I’ll definitely be employing the million dollar pips bot in my future trading. After 2 months, I am impressed. Don’t forget to search for a broker with low spread as it can help to make a considerable difference. The support is good and even if you are new, you would not have much problem. Once you have bought, you will get immediate access to Million Dollar Pips software program where you can install and set up the software using the simple to comprehend guidelines. You could start by setting everything as default.

You can limit the minimum and maximum volume level for trading and even put in place your own personal risk level. Further more, you can arrange its trading level as well.

Overall, I feel Million Dollar Pips is a good bot and that’s why it has been a best seller for over a year.  It is also supported by a good team.

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